Often times a shipment is both over-dimensional as well as overweight in nature and therefore may require special routing in order to travel only on the highways that permit vehicle weights that can accommodate them in the Continental United States. They may also require the purchase of special permits issued by the various governmental agencies, States, and municipalities through which your shipment will travel.

The experienced team at J&J Machinery Transportation, Inc has the knowledge, access and required equipment to handle your needs.

At J&J Machinery Transport, Inc., we’ve been moving and transporting heavy equipment for more than 20 years. With this level of expertise, we make it our mission to provide excellence in everything we do, including our heavy haul transportation services in the US. By having such a variety of company-owned trailers and configurations, we have the ability to offer the best equipped trailers and equipment for specific requirements. We design a comprehensive plan for all specialized loads, working closely with the client to understand the intricacies of the shipment. Once the appropriate trailer has been selected, then J&J Machinery Transport, Inc. conducts site and route surveys. From the highest quality moving and transportation equipment to our team of professional drivers, we can serve any and all of your complex heavy haul transportation needs, including the requirements associated with the trans-state permitting process.

J&J Machinery Transport, Inc. ships with trouble-free, heavy haul equipment transport, step deck and flatbed delivery, plus nationwide, long haul and oversize load trucking services. We take pride in offering personal customer service, along with our company’s commitment to make the process of moving your loads as straight-forward and simple as possible.

Our unique and tight knit relationship with Pro Pac International, positions us as a one stop shop for all your relocating needs. You will be in good hands.