• Also I just wanted to tell you (and pass on to your crew) you all are the best! Very impressive the work you did. I will tell anyone that needs to know that you guys are great and what a great job you all done for DRS West Plains! I hope we get the chance to work together in the future as we are hoping for more large machinery in the future.

    Gary Drown
    Gary Drown Supervisor of Operations
  • At the beginning of our process to move the factory from Texas to Pennsylvania we put the project out for bid. The moving services your company provided along with the quotes made it easy to see that Pro Pac was the right choice. As the project began your team as well as the Atlas Copco team worked hand in hand to make it seamless and smooth. After the first equipment was moved we knew we had more than a moving company, we had a partner that we had developed relationships with. The professionalism and care your team took in this situation was outstanding. You provided a secure feeling that all issues were addressed and the right equipment was available when the phases came up. Over the year there were 6 phases with several changes in those phases, Pro Pac made the needed adjustments to get the phase complete. We had 2 teams working on machine moves, one in Texas and the other in Pennsylvania. Both teams worked flawlessly to get the job done. I would like to express my gratitude for the work performed over the past year. I also would like to thank your team, they are a great group men and I miss working with them.

    Mike Price
    Mike Price Project Manager
  • Saturday saw the long awaited delivery of STIHL Inc's MU4000. This one has been on the books for a while and during that time presented one challenge after another. So much so that the 3R pallet and fixture was finally a 100% functional the day before delivery. But we weren't out of the woods yet, after being thrown a curveball on delivery day. Another department had annexed our ramp with their own machine delivery, forcing Pro-Pac to use a much smaller ramp and to pick the machine up over an obstacle. And then came what all the emails, measuring, checking and double checking was all about. We measured it a hundred times so it has to fit, right? On paper we have half an inch on either side and about an inch on top. Believe it or not, two hours of maneuvering back and forth and we only had one little scratch on the back side of the machine. Apart from a light fixture that had to be removed at the last minute, the customer's wall was left scratch free also. Pro-Pac deserves a major thumbs up for a job well done. They knew it would be tight but were in for a surprise at just how tight it was. They rose to the challenge and got it done.

    Leon Visagie
    Leon Visagie Productivity Specialist
  • Pro-Pac International has been providing rigging services and warehouse storage space for machinery as a supplier to Hendrick Motorsports for many years. Engine and chassis test equipment, manufacturing machinery installation and moves have been flawless. The crews are on time, their equipment functions properly, and the entire organization is professional and efficient. In addition to the many other pieces of equipment, they have installed or moved well over 50 major machine tools for us in multiple building on our campus. Many of these machines are in excess of 20,000lbs and none of them have ever had as much as a scratch put on them while in the hands of Pro-Pac. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a high quality rigging job that involves heavy, awkward, delicate, and expensive industrial equipment. Pro-Pac has always come through for us on every job, no matter how simple or complex.

    Jim Wall
    Jim Wall Hendrick Motorsports
  • I would like to offer my personal recommendation for Pro-Pac International. My most recent opportunity to work with Pro-Pac was during our recent plant consolidation project, where our Natick, MA operations were moved to Murphy, NC. We were tasked with a very aggressive move schedule – only 3 months to complete. Pro-Pac delivered all our machines (approximately 40), along with all our peripheral equipment and miscellaneous items on schedule and in good condition. Jim Jones and all of the guys on Pro-Pac’s crews were very respectful of the people at Natick who were losing their jobs, and they were friendly and great to work with here in Murphy. Several people on both ends of the relocation have complimented Pro-Pac on the job they did for us. They worked quickly and efficiently and their trucks, lifts, and other equipment were in good condition. They brought everything they needed with them, and they cleaned up when they were done. Pro-Pac has delivered many new machines for me over the past several years – here at Snap-on and at another company I worked for. They have done an excellent job every time. They are resourceful and make difficult situations look easy. I highly recommend Pro-Pac for any type of machinery moving or relocation.

    Danny Crooke
    Danny Crooke Snap-On
  • Jeffreys Manufacturing Solutions and our Haas Factory Outlet / A Division of Jeffreys has been working with Jim Jones and Pro-Pac International for 10 plus years. During that time Jeffreys has delivered/rigged in well over 3,000 Haas CNC machine tools to our customers in the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia. Jeffreys is extremely customer oriented. For that reason, we use Pro-Pac on an exclusive basis whenever possible. It is very important to us from the time a customer places an order until the machine is set in place and running that everything goes as seamlessly for the customer as possible. Using Pro Pac to rig in machines for our customers allows us to forget about that critical part of the equation because they perform as if they were an extension of our company. Our day to day operation philosophy at Jeffreys is “Do The Right Thing”. That means any person has the ability to make any decision in the best interest of our customer. Pro-Pac supports us 100% in that philosophy. Hendrick Motor Sports and Midlands Technical College are two of our customers who only allow Pro-Pac to move in and out their equipment. Both customers have over 20 machines that are replaced every 2 years or so. They have pristine facilities and very high standards. We appreciate our business relationship with Jim Jones and Pro-Pac. You will be doing your company a great service in allowing them to work with you.

    C. Brooks Barwick
    C. Brooks Barwick Haas Factory Outlet

Founders Hall, Charlotte NC

Ever wonder how those escalators got in behind all that glass? In March of 2009, Pro-Pac had the project of rigging in and setting the escalators at the new Founders Hall in uptown Charlotte. [...]