Plant Relocation

Pro-Pac has over 25 years experience relocating all types of manufacturing facilities, from a 10,000 sq. ft. job shop to a major firearms manufacturer consolidating 4 sites across the country to one location. We have the people, the equipment and the experience to insure that your relocation project is completed on time and within budget.

When relocating a manufacturing plant, whether it is across town or across country the most critical question is “How do we maintain production?”  Even with the best laid plans production will experience unavoidable setbacks. How quickly the relocation team can react to these problems and whether they have the resources available to overcome them will determine how your production and objectives are affected.

Relocating an entire facility or a new production line requires a well coordinated effort of all parties. We have the project management experience to provide a turn-key solution to accomplish the entire move. This includes project planning, dismantling, match marking, crating, loading, hauling, off loading, leveling, aligning and reconnecting utilities – all planned and coordinated for the least amount of down time possible.

Making sure that material, machinery or product is always in the right place at the right time is critical to maintaining production. The machining, assembly and shipment of material has to flow along with the relocation of the plant, whether it is a raw material, work in progress or a finished product.

The one thing that never changes in plant relocations is that many things can and will change! Whether it’s a machine that Production still needs and can’t release, a new cell layout or a change in floor plans…. what looks good on paper does not always work or fit on the production floor. Our team leads have the experience these types of changes on every relocation project we have ever done. We have changed final machine locations multiple times with the machine on occasion ending up right back where it was originally. We have had to relocate entire cells even after they have been completed and put back in production.

Knowing these changes are inevitable and having the right people with the right attitudes and experience makes them mush easier to manage.

Good communication is vital whether moving one machine or an entire plant. Pro-Pac designates one person as the project manager. Who is in charge of coordinating all aspects of the move from start to finish. They are your go to person in the event of any changes, delays or problems. They understand how important timely communication is and can get accurate answers quickly. Knowing at all time where the equipment is, when it will be arriving and what’s on each truck makes the transition easier to manage.